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The details for our seminars and talks presented by members of CIICADA Lab and Mechatronics cluster as well as our visitors and guests can be found below. All talks are co-sponsored by the ACT IEEE Control Systems Chapter.


Brian Anderson's Talk on Reverse Time Diffusions
·60 words·1 min
Guofeng Zhang's Optimal Control of Flying Qubit
·357 words·2 mins
Ziwei Wang's PhD Oral Presentation on Seeing through Space and Time: Asynchronous Event Processing for Robots
·248 words·2 mins
Iman Shames' Talk on Distributed Nonconvex Optimisation Via Modified ADMM
·175 words·1 min
Weichao Liang's Talk on Analysis and Control of Open Quantum System
·125 words·1 min
Iman Shames' Talk on The Attractor of the Replicator Dynamic in Zero-Sum Games
·155 words·1 min
Ahad Zehmakan's talk on Why Misinformation Spread Fast in Social Networks, and How to Stop It
·259 words·2 mins
Tarek Hamel's talk on Deterministic observer design for vision-aided inertial navigation
·303 words·2 mins
Kanghong Shi's Talk on Output Feedback Consensus for Networked Heterogeneous Nonlinear Negative Imaginary Systems with Free Body Motion
·139 words·1 min


Phillippe Phanivong's talk on Advancements in Tariff Design and Load Optimization for Congestion Management
·224 words·2 mins
Rebbecca Thien's Talk on Physical Realizability and Coherent LQG Control of Linear Quantum Systems
·437 words·3 mins
Sumeetpal Singh's Talk on resampling schemes for particle filters with weakly informative observation
·375 words·2 mins
Huadong Mo's Talk on Modeling and Operating of Complex Engineering Systems
·242 words·2 mins
Yamin Yan Talk on Towards Autonomous Synchronization: Introducing Open Problems in Coordinating Diverse Dynamic Agents
·342 words·2 mins
Iman Shames' Talk on Non-uniform Observability for Moving Horizon Estimation and stability with respect to additive perturbation
·126 words·1 min
Jamie Freestone's talk on Philosophy, feedback, and representations
·150 words·1 min
Giovanni Sansavini's Talk on Engineering Energy Networks Facing Global Transition: From Predicting Cascading Failures to Optimizing System Safety
·368 words·2 mins
Wilhiam de Carvalho's Talk on Optimisation and control of distributed energy resources for power and voltage regulation in distribution networks
·169 words·1 min
Shuixin Xiao's Talk on Quantum detector tomography: analytical algorithm, optimal design and regularization
·187 words·1 min
Matthew Hampsey's Talk on Nonlinear trajectory tracking on homogeneous spaces
·154 words·1 min