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The details for our seminars and talks presented by members of CIICADA Lab and Mechatronics cluster as well as our visitors and guests can be found below. All talks are co-sponsored by the ACT IEEE Control Systems Chapter.


Huadong Mo's Talk on Modeling and Operating of Complex Engineering Systems
·242 words·2 mins
Yamin Yan Talk on Towards Autonomous Synchronization: Introducing Open Problems in Coordinating Diverse Dynamic Agents
·342 words·2 mins
Iman Shames' Talk on Non-uniform Observability for Moving Horizon Estimation and stability with respect to additive perturbation
·126 words·1 min
Jamie Freestone's talk on Philosophy, feedback, and representations
·150 words·1 min
Giovanni Sansavini's Talk on Engineering Energy Networks Facing Global Transition: From Predicting Cascading Failures to Optimizing System Safety
·368 words·2 mins
Wilhiam de Carvalho's Talk on Optimisation and control of distributed energy resources for power and voltage regulation in distribution networks
·169 words·1 min
Shuixin Xiao's Talk on Quantum detector tomography: analytical algorithm, optimal design and regularization
·187 words·1 min
Matthew Hampsey's Talk on Nonlinear trajectory tracking on homogeneous spaces
·154 words·1 min
Jen Jen Chung's Talk on Perception, planning and learning for robot grasping and interaction
·270 words·2 mins
Sofia McLeod's Talk on Globally Optimal Event-Based Divergence Estimation for Ventral Landing
·180 words·1 min
Kanghong Shi's Talk on Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for State Feedback Equivalence to Negative Imaginary Systems
·134 words·1 min
Iman Shames' Talk on Games as Graphs
·104 words·1 min
Shawn Ge's Talk on Equivariant Observer Design for Discrete-time Systems
·202 words·1 min
Yitian Chen's Talk on Regret Analysis of Online LQR Control via Trajectory Prediction and Tracking
·173 words·1 min
Hyungbo Shim's Talk on Analysis and Synthesis of Heterogeneous Multi-agent System via Blended Dynamics Approach
·237 words·2 mins
Vincent Liu's talk on An Introduction to Max-Plus Algebra and its Application to Optimal Control Problems
·204 words·1 min
Manuel Schallar's talk on Structure-exploiting optimal control of port-Hamiltonian systems and Karl Worthmann's talk on Model predictive control for systems with null-controllable homogeneous approximation
·630 words·3 mins


Jochen Trumpf's talk on A Non-Linear Internal Model Principle for Observers
·136 words·1 min
Pieter van Goor's Talk on Constructive Equivariant Observer Design for Inertial Velocity-Aided Attitude and Matthew Hampsey's Talk on Exploiting Symmetries for Trajectory Tracking Control
·348 words·2 mins
CSIRO's Robotics and Autonomous Systems Group's SubT and Beyond: Experiences at the DARPA Subterranean Challenge and Putting Robots to Work
·167 words·1 min