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The details for our seminars and talks presented by members of CIICADA Lab and Mechatronics cluster as well as our visitors and guests can be found below. All talks are co-sponsored by the ACT IEEE Control Systems Chapter.


Manuel Schallar's talk on Structure-exploiting optimal control of port-Hamiltonian systems and Karl Worthmann's talk on Model predictive control for systems with null-controllable homogeneous approximation
·630 words·3 mins


Jochen Trumpf's talk on A Non-Linear Internal Model Principle for Observers
·136 words·1 min
Pieter van Goor's Talk on Constructive Equivariant Observer Design for Inertial Velocity-Aided Attitude and Matthew Hampsey's Talk on Exploiting Symmetries for Trajectory Tracking Control
·348 words·2 mins
CSIRO's Robotics and Autonomous Systems Group's SubT and Beyond: Experiences at the DARPA Subterranean Challenge and Putting Robots to Work
·167 words·1 min
Rijad Alisic's Talk on How Privacy Can Improve Security Against Data-Driven Attackers
·343 words·2 mins
Erik Weyer's Talk on State conditional filtering
·380 words·2 mins
Yuen-Man (Mandy) Pun's Talk on Error Bound for Target Tracking Based on Time-of-Arrival Measurements
·345 words·2 mins
Elena Petri's Talk on Hybrid techniques for state estimation: event-triggered observer design and observer performance improvement
·353 words·2 mins