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Weichao Liang's Talk on Analysis and Control of Open Quantum System

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Title: Analysis and Control of Open Quantum System

Time, Date, Location: 11:00, Friday, 15 March, 2024, Room 2.02 Seminar Room, Birch Building

Abstract: The presentation will begin with an elementary introduction to open quantum systems and quantum filtering theory. Following this, I will address the feedback stabilization for N-level spin systems undergoing homodyne detection. To conclude, I will share several of my current projects that are directly connected to the theme of this talk.

Bio: Weichao Liang is a Research Associate at the University of New South Wales, Canberra, Australia. He has previously worked as a Postdoctoral Researcher at CY Cergy Paris Université, Paris, France, University of Padua, Padua, Italy, and Université de Paris-Saclay, Paris, France. He earned his Ph.D. degree from Université de Paris-Saclay.